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Lots of Love

Euroball: Roaring twenties gala

In February my boyfriend and I went to a ball organized by the Trainees Committee of the European Institutions in Brussels. The theme was “roaring twenties” so I got really exited! I love both dressing up and vintage fashion so I immediately started searching for information. I actually think the flapper style is really pretty. It looks glamorous but chic and sophisticated at the same time.

Most of the information I found on Glamour Daze. It’s a vintage fashion and beauty archive and really one of my favorite fashion websites! They provide so much interesting information about the history of fashion and combine it with many beautiful pictures and drawings. Go and take a look!

Now, I had all the information I wanted, but I didn’t have a lot of time left to put together my outfit. On top of that, I didn’t want to buy any expensive items that I wouldn’t be able to wear afterwards.

The dress

2016-04-20_11.25.06I actually borrowed a dress from one of my sweet friends. It’s a lovely grey dress with great fringes from OBJECT collectors item.
According to Glamour Daze “the fringy mini-dress- so often seen as the typical evening gown from the 1920s, is a popular misconception brought about by the 1960s revival of certain 1920s fads. In fact the normal hemline rose to just below the knee.

Indeed, the hemline of my dress reached a bit above my knees. So although it wasn’t completely perfect, I still got many compliments and I felt really good while wearing it. In my opinion, that’s the most important thing! I was able to mix flapper and contemporary fashion by wearing this cute dress and I had an amazing evening, what more could I have wished for? 😉

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Reducing my carbon footprint: cheap fashion

Hey everyone!
A few weeks ago I saw this really interesting video about how “cheap clothing is killing the planet”. The video already has over 5 000 000 views but I still decided to share it with you. I love fashion, but I do think that responsible shopping is very very important. That’s why I highly recommend you to follow the great advice given by grist.org.


Let’s sum up the tips Grist gives us to reduce our carbon footprint (in relation to fashion):

1. Buy less!

2. Shop smarter
3. Look for durability and good design
4. Don’t trash your clothes
5. Don’t wash your clothes as much

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Animal-inspired mugs

Okay, so first of all, I love mugs. Tea, coffee and hot choco! And mmm mug cakes! ^^ Secondly, I also like animals a lot. We used to have 5 cats, we have a dog, a few chickens and lots of birds in our garden.

So animal-inspired mugs are really just the perfect combination! 😀 As I wasn’t expecting any big gifts this Christmas (no money no money) I made my little mug wish-list 😀 Merry (belated) Christmas!

  1. Urban Outfitters – I love my dog mug for €135530400430002_000_b
    Oh I do love my dog ^^ At my parents house we have a beautiful black labrador. She’s such an energetic and naughty girl! We also used to have a very sweet beagle, but sadly he died last summer. Although they are pets, our dogs have always been part of the family.
    Urban Outfitters also sells a similar “I love my cat” mug. Equally beautiful!

  2. Urban Outfitters – Jane Foster bird mug for €15  €95530460280105_000_d
    Really love this mug. It’s so extremely cute! I can see myself sitting on the couch, drinking warm milk with honey, listening to some nice piano music… ahhhh… Continue reading

New shoes

2015-12-01_14.00.29Hey everyone,
So last week I finally bought new winter shoes and I’m really happy with them. But you know, every time I get myself new shoes, there are these stupid things that happen… but by the time you are in need of new shoes, you forget what happened last time and you make the same mistakes again. Continue reading

6 items in the style of SNSD’s Lionheart @ yesstyle

On the 17th August SM Entertainment published the music video of Girl’s Generation’s Lion Heart. Although I really love SNSD, I somehow didn’t have time to listen to their Lion Heart until a few weeks ago. I know, S♥NE would say I’m a horrible fan. Anyway, my sister eventually forced me to listen to the song and wauw, I got addicted right away. I also think the music video is super pretty! Anyone who knows the name of the director? Choreographers Tony Testa and Shim Jaewon also did quite well.

But… I especially congratulate the stylists… I adore the clothes they are wearing! So many pretty dresses 😀
Inspired by the music video, I made a list of 10 adorable items. They are definitely not exactly the same clothes, just things that would fit the setting. Continue reading

5x autumn-inspired yesstyle fashion

Hey everybody ❤

It will probably become clearer later on, but I really love yesstyle.com!!! As I’m a student and my shopping budget is quite low (rather almost non-existing) yesstyle often has great promotions or sales that come in very handy. Just be careful because if you wait too long, sometimes certain items will be sold out or no longer available.

Anyway, I want to share with you 5 lovely items I found this week that made me think of this colourful autumn. Here in Belgium we had a pretty cold and wet September, but now suddenly the sun is back and we are enjoying a lovely Indian summer. Click on the headings to be redirected to the website of yesstyle and be able see the full description of the items! ^^ Obviously I do not own the pictures that are used in this post.

  • Red or yellow high-top sneakers
    Gives you a butch image but they are quite cute at the same time. I think I love the yellow version even more than the red!! These bayo sneakers seem to be perfect for a nice, long walk.

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