Euroball: Roaring twenties gala

In February my boyfriend and I went to a ball organized by the Trainees Committee of the European Institutions in Brussels. The theme was “roaring twenties” so I got really exited! I love both dressing up and vintage fashion so I immediately started searching for information. I actually think the flapper style is really pretty. It looks glamorous but chic and sophisticated at the same time.

Most of the information I found on Glamour Daze. It’s a vintage fashion and beauty archive and really one of my favorite fashion websites! They provide so much interesting information about the history of fashion and combine it with many beautiful pictures and drawings. Go and take a look!

Now, I had all the information I wanted, but I didn’t have a lot of time left to put together my outfit. On top of that, I didn’t want to buy any expensive items that I wouldn’t be able to wear afterwards.

The dress

2016-04-20_11.25.06I actually borrowed a dress from one of my sweet friends. It’s a lovely grey dress with great fringes from OBJECT collectors item.
According to Glamour Daze “the fringy mini-dress- so often seen as the typical evening gown from the 1920s, is a popular misconception brought about by the 1960s revival of certain 1920s fads. In fact the normal hemline rose to just below the knee.

Indeed, the hemline of my dress reached a bit above my knees. So although it wasn’t completely perfect, I still got many compliments and I felt really good while wearing it. In my opinion, that’s the most important thing! I was able to mix flapper and contemporary fashion by wearing this cute dress and I had an amazing evening, what more could I have wished for? 😉

The hair

Hairstyles of the 1920s – as with most other aspects of the 1920s woman’s look – were short short short !
Problem: I have really long hair.
I looked for some solutions on youtube and found some really cool videos on how to make finger waves. As you can see in the overview below, the finger wave method of setting hair into curls was very popular in the 1920s (also in the 1930s).


Another popular hairstyle was the chignon (or bun) and this seemed perfect for my long hair. I decided to mix two video’s and create finger waves in front and make a chignon in the back using a really pretty headband from Claire’s.

As I don’t have any curling iron and wasn’t planning on buying one, I had to find a video where they created finger waves without using heat. Tara Gabrielle made a really great video on how to make finger waves on long hair using gel.

I had to practice a few times before it worked out. To me, making these finger waves was quite difficult. The first time I tried it, I also didn’t have enough patience and the gel wasn’t completely dry yet. The result?  I completely ruined it… 😛

As I mentioned before, I combined these finger waves with a very easy updo. As Georgia Kate explains in her video, this chignon gives people with long hair the illusion it is short. And remember, hairstyles of the 1920s were short short short!


Accessories and make-up

Long pearl necklaces are the most iconic of all 1920s jewelry pieces, so it was basically impossible for me not to wear one. As my dress was grey and my tights and shoes were black, I wanted to add some color. So I took a pink-bronze colored pearl necklace. Don’t worry, the pearls were all the same color… I just don’t know how to explain which color they were exactly. Pink-bronze is the best I can do… Sorry!

As for the elastic head band, I bought a very simple one. This way I was sure I could still use it afterwards as well! But I love the pretty flowers on it. On top of that, I think it looks very chic.

My make-up looked simple, not very dramatic.
– First a basic hydrating cream (emulsion) from Louis Widmer.
– Clear BB Cream with ginseng as concealer and make-up base from Erborian.
– Tiny bit of face powder (too much would make my skin look dry) from MAC.
– Bronzer (mineral powder DFM1) by MUD and some soft pink blush.
– Eye shadow (creamy) in a color similar to the color of my necklace.
– A dark green-grey eyeliner (called Black forest) from MUD and some black mascara.
– Red lip liner and lipstick (not too much though) combined with a softer pink lip gloss.

The end result

I have to say, I was really happy with my outfit that night. But what is even more important is that I had so much fun! It was really a lovely evening. I danced a lot, met many new people, had lovely conversations and I spent a great time with my boyfriend.

You can click on the pictures to see them completely.

What do you think of it? Acceptable? 😉
Lots of Love

6 thoughts on “Euroball: Roaring twenties gala

  1. pennyDoth says:

    This is so precious! You both look gorgeous. I agree though, now that you mention it: long fringe dress are pretty rare. Even around Halloween, all I see are costumes that stop ABOVE the knee. I also find it kind of funny if anyone should think the newer versions somewhat scandalous, because the original ones seemed pretty daring of their time XD lol Yours look beautiful btw I love historical fashion!

    It’s so awesome to see you both having such a good time. I don’t know if you two are into the same EXACT things but you and your boyfriend seem to be interested in similar things, which is so important, I think. It’s sometimes taken for granted or overlooked, I feel like, that couples do well to at least be aware of each other’s interests. It’s really awesome to see. And you both have gotten to go to some AMAZING places; I’m so jealous XD lol


    • mistonthemeadow says:

      Oh pennyDoth! Thank you so much for the sweet sweet comment!
      Haha yes we had a great time! 😀 Actually my boyfriend and I have quite different interests, but we always try to do things together that we both enjoy ^^ Sometimes he suggests things and sometimes I do… This way we are able to discover new things and learn about each other as well 🙂 Thank you for the sweet compliments! You really made my day!


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