4x autumn/winter couple sweaters @ yesstyle

Hey everyone~

Just wanted to share these 4 sweet couple sweaters/knits with you, perfectly fit for autumn or winter. They are super cute and stylish and they look pretty warm as well. ❤

Simpair – Geometry embroided sweaters


I really like the simplicity of these sweaters. Although the sweaters feature geometrical figures, I don’t think they are “square” 😉 I think it looks really nice and probably fits with many things. I might want to buy it just for myself as well. ^^ Sweet and square love ❤


Simpair – matching knitted sweaterssimpair-matching-couple-L_p0046721320

Love the fact that you can mix and match the sweaters. They are unisex but if you don’t want to wear the same sweater as your sweetheart, you can change the colours or have the same colours but in another order (black-> white instead of white->black for example)

Hanee – Moose print couple sweater

I’m totally in love with this design. First of all because I like moose. And the second reason is because the “girl sweater” is actually a sweater dress. It looks so comfortable and warm ❤

Simpair – Cable knit sweater simpair-couple-patterned-cable-knit-sweater-L_p0045740482
I especially think the colours of these sweaters look beautiful. I love the red version so much. The blue one isn’t bad either. The knit looks nice and the pattern is pretty and cute. I would love to buy this and just sit around the campfire wearing it.

Lots of Love


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