5x autumn-inspired yesstyle fashion

Hey everybody ❤

It will probably become clearer later on, but I really love yesstyle.com!!! As I’m a student and my shopping budget is quite low (rather almost non-existing) yesstyle often has great promotions or sales that come in very handy. Just be careful because if you wait too long, sometimes certain items will be sold out or no longer available.

Anyway, I want to share with you 5 lovely items I found this week that made me think of this colourful autumn. Here in Belgium we had a pretty cold and wet September, but now suddenly the sun is back and we are enjoying a lovely Indian summer. Click on the headings to be redirected to the website of yesstyle and be able see the full description of the items! ^^ Obviously I do not own the pictures that are used in this post.

  • Red or yellow high-top sneakers
    Gives you a butch image but they are quite cute at the same time. I think I love the yellow version even more than the red!! These bayo sneakers seem to be perfect for a nice, long walk.


  • Stitched handbags in different shades of brown
    I really think these small bags from aoba are so pretty. The colours make me think of my stroll in the forest last week. The colours of the trees were so gorgeous and the sky was almost pure azure. The fact that orange is azure’s complementary colour made the combination of the autumn tints and the blue blue sky even more enchanting.
    Anyway, the pretty handbags come in a lovely dark red, light brown, dark chocolate brown, black and navy blue.


  • A-line dress with beautiful floral print
    I simply love this dowisi dress! 😀 When I get my swimming trainer volunteer’s fee I really think I might order this pretty thingie. The colour palette is dark but warm and makes me think of sitting in the garden with a cup of tea enjoying the fading sun and looking at the last  blossoming roses. What I also like is the fact that it looks chic and feminine at the same time.


  • Floral-hem dress with long sleeves
    Another dress! This time it’s from splashmix. 🙂 I have the feeling that they often design cool outfits with warm colours and floral patterns. I love the alternative feel of some of their designs and this dress looks so nice and comfortable. The two pockets look very cute and especially handy to hide my cellphone (I can never find my phone if I put it in my handbag hehe). I also love the fact that the materials are cotton and linen because I don’t like wearing synthetic fabrics as polyester and acrylic. Available in 3 colours: bright red, coffee and blue-grey.


  • Short boots with a hidden wedge
    These pretty short boots from colorful shoes are indeed colourful. I like the dark brown ones and the red ones very much 😀 And yeey, size 35 to 41 (European sizes)! I have big feet so finding shoes has always been a nightmare. That’s why I’m so glad when I find beautiful shoes in my size. The hidden heel should be 3 cm high. An elegant choice that fits with both short skirts and trousers. Perfect for autumn, isn’t it?



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