Poem: creaking under winter’s weight

Happy 2016 everyone! I wrote this poem a while ago but I think that today is a good day to share it with you. I’m missing my boyfriend a lot right now, but I know that we will be together soon again and that thought makes me happy and gives me strength.

I wish you all the best of luck in 2016. I wish you love and friendship, health and happiness. Let’s all work hard, have lots of fun and eat lots of delicious food!

♦ ♦ ♦

Still creaking under winter’s weight
Quivering in the Northern Wind
Forest Lake and Meadow-land
Got their ice-limbs skinned

Desiring those summer blushes
We watched the thawing snow
Waiting for the umber thrushes
We yet held seeds to sow

The sun cropped up from Ochre Earth
Made hazy pitches blaze
And Lady Graze’s locks’ rebirth
Awarded fair bouquets


Before the dawn we hit the road
Climbed up the dusty path
Jumped into ice-cold mountain streams
Reposed, strolled ‘long the strath

Soon golden, amber Barley Field
Was ready to be reaped
Alloyed with hop the beer was brewed
Into the drums it seeped

Hands entwined we watched the beams
Of withering Summer Sun
Collected honey from the hives
Fixed the fowl run


The stubborn autumn storms
Now hit earth’s crust at last
The groaning oaks stood firm as well
The stable kept it’s cast

While white winged geese drew figures
In the pale, clear sky
Cuddling in the cushy couch
We saw the days go by

Aged and weathered farmsteads
Spit out their cozy smoke
It stained the air with greyish paint
You lit the fire, I awoke

You didn’t like the cold, you said
The lake froze over twice
The world again in frosty glaze
I gave you this advice

Weeks elapsed, so very fast
Now days are dim and cold
But don’t lose hope, life is mirth
‘cause I’ll be there to hold

« Eliane Nierinck »

♦ ♦ ♦


Lots of Love

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