Animal-inspired mugs

Okay, so first of all, I love mugs. Tea, coffee and hot choco! And mmm mug cakes! ^^ Secondly, I also like animals a lot. We used to have 5 cats, we have a dog, a few chickens and lots of birds in our garden.

So animal-inspired mugs are really just the perfect combination! 😀 As I wasn’t expecting any big gifts this Christmas (no money no money) I made my little mug wish-list 😀 Merry (belated) Christmas!

    1. Urban Outfitters – I love my dog mug for €135530400430002_000_b
      Oh I do love my dog ^^ At my parents house we have a beautiful black labrador. She’s such an energetic and naughty girl! We also used to have a very sweet beagle, but sadly he died last summer. Although they are pets, our dogs have always been part of the family.
      Urban Outfitters also sells a similar “I love my cat” mug. Equally beautiful!

    2. Urban Outfitters – Jane Foster bird mug for €15  €95530460280105_000_d
      Really love this mug. It’s so extremely cute! I can see myself sitting on the couch, drinking warm milk with honey, listening to some nice piano music… ahhhh…


    3. La Vie – 4 animal mugs for €18.50
      I really like the items designed by La Vie because I think they combine original ideas with cuteness overload. This time, they designed 4 different cups. Although I’m crazy about pandas, I think in this case I prefer the pig and frog. The colours are so bright and lovely 

    4. OHH DEER – I like you mug for €18.06image1xxl
      Although also a tiny bit more expensive, I do think this one is very cute and funny haha. The black dog really doesn’t look amused. I would love to give this one to my sister or mother. I’m pretty sure they would like it as well!

    5. Hakoya – little animal mugs for €11.50L_g0044349203
      The link will redirect you to the page of Little Dog, but as you can see in the picture, Little Dog also has two friends: Little Bear and Little Pig! Love the simple design and colours and the fact that the tiny bee, butterfly and bird were added. Very pretty!


    6. Moimoi – Animal lid drinking cup with tea infuser for €14.10L_g0039103568
      Okay, I know that this isn’t really a mug… but I still really like it. Moimoi designed these beautiful teacups with infuser. Maybe it’s simply because of my fondness for tea that I like these cups so much… or because the cat is so cute…

    7. Urban Outfitters – Stacking owl mugs for €10
      I think this must be my favourite! The design is so beautiful, I love owls (Hedwig is my nr 1 of course) and the price isn’t bad at all! I also really like the simple colour scheme they used.


Anyway, that’s it for now ^^ Any preferences?

Lots of Love


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