The Great Graffiti (Seoul Arts Center)

KakaoTalk_20170330_170047602Last month I visited an amazing exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center called “The Great Graffiti” (위대한 낙서). One of my friends took me there, so I actually didn’t know where we were going… But as we entered the exhibition hall… I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Ever since my friend Emma and I went on a “alternative Berlin tour” in 2013, I’ve loved street art a lot. So this exhibition was a lovely surprise!

The exhibition featured around 60 works from the biggest names in graffiti art including JonOne (US), Crash (US), Nick Walker (UK), Shepard Fairey (US), Zevs (FR), L’atlas (FR) and JR (FR).

As we entered ‘The Great Graffiti’, we were immediately blown away by Zevs ‘Louis Vuiton’ mural and other iconic works in which he used his trademark liquidation technique on existing logo’s.

Even though you might not know his name, I’m sure everyone knows at least one of Shepard Fairey’s iconic images! I’m a fan of his work so it was really exiting to see some of it in this exhibition.

One of my other favourites in this exhibition was Nick Walker, whose paintings often feature a bowler-hatted gentleman called ‘vandal’.


I personally also really liked JonOne‘s paintings. They’re so chaotic, but at the same time I felt myself calm down while looking at them. If you are interested in JonOne’s work , you should also definitely check out the music video of Yoon Jong Shin‘s “The First”!
Let me know what you think of it! 😀

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