Video for talk talk Korea

12463459_901741433274488_1897581230_nIn the summer of 2015, I participated to the annual Talk Talk Korea competition of KBS World. I had to make a video in which I promote Korean culture. I didn’t just want to show some pictures from the palaces or other famous attractions, because there already exist loads of videos about it.

So I tried to look at it from another point of view… If I think about why I personally would want to visit another country then the reasons would be…

  • Good food, super important haha
  • Beautiful nature, but also interesting buildings (this could mean anything: ancient temples or churches, old marketplaces, or new and modern infrastructure)
  • Interesting culture
  • Lots of new things to try out: having the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t normally do at home
  • Outdoor and indoor activities (after all, we cannot controle the weather)

So I thought about Korea and tried to mix these elements and put them in a video with a romantic theme where I also give a lot of explanation. Too bad that there was a time limit 😀 Else I would have added many more elements.
I got 4th place (together with some other participants) and I was really happy about it! Making the video was so much fun!!!!! (and lots of stress because – as I had my final exams – I only had a few days to make the video)
Whoo so exited to see the official KBS label on my video (ah ah, I’m so silly)


Happy 2016! How would you say it?

Happy New Year everyone! In my language (Dutch, aka Nederlands) we would say “Gelukkig Nieuwjaar”. How would you wish someone a happy new year in your language? ^^


Ik wens jullie allen een gelukkig en vreugdevol jaar toe.
I wish you all a happy and joyful year. 

Vol liefde en vriendschap.
Full of love and friendship
Mooie momenten en leuke verrassingen.
Beautiful moments and good surprises. 
Gezondheid voor jezelf en je geliefden.
Health for you and your loved ones.

Lots of Love

New Year’s poem: Creaking under winter’s weight

Poem: creaking under winter’s weight

Happy 2016 everyone! I wrote this poem a while ago but I think that today is a good day to share it with you. I’m missing my boyfriend a lot right now, but I know that we will be together soon again and that thought makes me happy and gives me strength.

I wish you all the best of luck in 2016. I wish you love and friendship, health and happiness. Let’s all work hard, have lots of fun and eat lots of delicious food! Continue reading