Poem – You wrapped your arms around me

I wrote this poem in December 2013. It was my little New Year’s gift for all the people I love. Although it isn’t anything fancy, I love writing poems for other people… By giving it to them, I want to show them how much they mean to me and I want to wish them love and happiness in the coming year ❤

Anyway, here it is…


You wrapped your arms around me
Longing seeped into my veins
Your whispers banned the ghastly cold
Cadged my hidden, charcoal strains

Winter wind and weeping willow
Waltz their way to the vermillion dawn
Her rind as smooth as our bare skin,
She dreams of times now long forgone

Softly you sang me to sleep
I tasted the timbre of your voice
Sweet and seductive as summer cherries
I fell for your tender decoys

Tiny snowdrops in the bistre earth
Buried in your twilight eyes
await the harbinger of joyful spring
and the return of its fizzy green disguise

Caressing my blushing cheeks
You told me your enchanting stories
Letting your chocolate eyes devour me
I dug up the gems from your heart’s quarries

While the early misty morning dew
Guides the timid golden beams
The old apple trees look up and whisper
Once more, a year full of gorgeous dreams

– Eliane Nierinck –



Hope you guys like it 🙂 Please tell me what you think about it.

And good luck to all my friends who also have to study instead of enjoying the Christmas period.
Lots of Love



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