Saying goodbye to my grandfather

2014-02-10 17.58.22(1)Last week my grandfather passed away. Although we knew it was going to happen at one point (he had cancer), it was really hard to say goodbye.
Still, I am happy that he was not in pain during those last days and I was able to briefly talk to him, tell him that I love him…
Although the funeral took place a few days ago, I still didn’t feel like he was really gone… but a very silly thing today made me realise he’s not here anymore. And that thing was an advertisement…
Every year we celebrated New Year with my grandfather (and the rest of the family) and only now I understand that it won’t be like that anymore this year… this thought really made me cry… I miss him a lot 😦

Maybe in a few weeks or months I’ll write something for him. A poem maybe… Something that can symbolize my feelings…

Anyway, this is the video, I think it’s really beautiful and sad… And it shows how important family members are and how we should treasure the beautiful moments we have with them.


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