Reducing my carbon footprint: cheap fashion

Hey everyone!
A few weeks ago I saw this really interesting video about how “cheap clothing is killing the planet”. The video already has over 5 000 000 views but I still decided to share it with you. I love fashion, but I do think that responsible shopping is very very important. That’s why I highly recommend you to follow the great advice given by


Let’s sum up the tips Grist gives us to reduce our carbon footprint (in relation to fashion):

1. Buy less!

2. Shop smarter
3. Look for durability and good design
4. Don’t trash your clothes
5. Don’t wash your clothes as much

In my opinion, Grist makes some really good points. And I’m proud to say that I already follow most of these guidelines.
Although I love fantasizing about fashion and all those lovely clothes, I don’t actually buy much. The main reason? I simply don’t have enough money. I prefer to spend it on good food haha. But I also don’t want to buy things if I will only wear a couple of times. I try to buy things only when I really need them and I always try to look for quality.

As I don’t actually have that many clothes, I cannot trash much either… pretty handy. But I could still make a bigger effort by bringing old clothes to second hand shops. I do often use old t-shirts for cleaning… thumbs up!


My pretty sister wearing one of the petticoats and skirts my mother made.

My sister and I have one place where we always get our favorite fashion items: our mum 😀 She often uses fabrics bought on local markets in Africa to make skirts and dresses and we simply love them! When she knits or crochets items, she usually buys yarn from Drops. Quality, natural materials, an OEKO-TEX label and super pretty… what more do we need?



Love is in the air! – wearing a knitted DROPS top with lace pattern in “Muscat” coral

For those of you who are interested in responsible shopping, I found an extensive list of brands that advocate fair trade clothing and ethical fashion. 35 fair trade and ethical clothing brands that are betting against fast fashion

Lots of Love,

2 thoughts on “Reducing my carbon footprint: cheap fashion

  1. Jess T. says:

    Cute design! I think you make a great point. It’s always nice having a friend who is the same size as you because you can always swap clothes! I think clothing swaps should happen more often for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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