Chungju… dam(n)!

Sometimes people decide to do something spontaneous and often it leads to either disasters or amazing experiences.
That’s what happened when Jay and I visited his family in Chungju in summer. We had spent the weekend at his grandfather’s place and we were driving back to Chungju to take the bus back to Seoul. Instead of taking the highway, we took some smaller roads and drove along the Han river.


Checking out some flowers. Don’t worry, I didn’t pick them πŸ™‚

The weather was so hot and there hadn’t been muchΒ rain for weeks in a row. Still the nature was so beautiful and along the river banks so many different flowers were growing! At one point we decided to just park the car next to the road. After a while we found a tinyΒ path leading us down and after carefully pushing aside some branches… we discovered a paradise.
Chungju Dam was blocking the river from flowing freely just a few kilometers further up, so the water level was very low. Therefore we kicked off our shoes and we could wade the river.

This would have never happened if we had simply followed our initial plans. And although we had to run to catch the bus later on, I never regretted that we got out of the car over there. It was one of the most stunning, beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever seen, even though there wasn’t anything extraordinary or uncommon about it.

It was just the whole experience… The fragrance of the wild flowers growing along the river banks; the sound of the water and the buzzing of all the little insects; the warmth of the summer sun and the cold stream; the wooded mountains surrounding us; the old ladies looking for cockles; the birds happily twittering; the tiny fishes swirling around our feet… Everything was simply perfect.


Sometimes it’s better if you don’t follow your plans… or not even make any plans at all when traveling. You might experience things that you initially wouldn’t have thought of! Sometimes you should just follow your heart and your imagination. Did anything like this ever happen to you? Share your story!

Lots of Love



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