6 items in the style of SNSD’s Lionheart @ yesstyle

On the 17th August SM Entertainment published the music video of Girl’s Generation’s Lion Heart. Although I really love SNSD, I somehow didn’t have time to listen to their Lion Heart until a few weeks ago. I know, S♥NE would say I’m a horrible fan. Anyway, my sister eventually forced me to listen to the song and wauw, I got addicted right away. I also think the music video is super pretty! Anyone who knows the name of the director? Choreographers Tony Testa and Shim Jaewon also did quite well.

But… I especially congratulate the stylists… I adore the clothes they are wearing! So many pretty dresses 😀
Inspired by the music video, I made a list of 10 adorable items. They are definitely not exactly the same clothes, just things that would fit the setting. Click the headings to see the items at yesstyle.com.

  1. Flobo – Elbow-sleeve blouse

    This pretty blouse with ribbon somehow makes me think of the scene in the train (1.03 for example). I also love Yoona’s high-waist trousers there. Flobo’s blouse has a very dignified feeling to it and I love the buttons. The pink version isn’t bad either, it looks really cute and sweet..

  2. Ashlee – Plaid waist dresssnsd2
    I think this cotton dress is amazing. Although it’s definitely not the same as Tiffany’s plaid dress, I think it would fit there very well. I’m loving the way the waist and hips are accentuated and once again the 8 red buttons makes the whole thing complete. It’s elegant and stylish and the colour combination is beautiful.

  3. Romantica – Wide-leg trouserssnsd1
    These trousers really made me think of the clothes Sooyoung is wearing while dancing. Because the ones in the MV are a bit too flashy for me, I love Romantica’s 70’s inspired wide-leg pants even more ^_^

  4. Cocoavenue – Blouse with rose print
    Both Sooyoung and Yuri are wearing these pretty blouses with beautiful rose prints… I know, after watching the music video a few more time I realised that both of them are wearing dresses, but still… And one of Seohyun’s dresses also has roses on it. ❤ Anyway, this blouse has a lovely vintage feel to it I think.

  5. Rainbeam – Jacquard tea dresssnsd 5I don’t know why but the colours of this dress really make me think of the scene where Taeyeon is drinking coffee… I just love the colour blue too much. And as The Guardian’s fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley says “The tea dress has been a bread-and-butter look of the vintage trade since the 1970s.”

  6. Love Generation – Rose earringssnsd 6
    Last but not least, these pretty earrings. I chose these because they made me think of Sooyoung once again. (I know, it seems like I really liked the items she was wearing throughout the whole video).See, this is what I mean:soo27

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