New shoes

2015-12-01_14.00.29Hey everyone,
So last week I finally bought new winter shoes and I’m really happy with them. But you know, every time I get myself new shoes, there are these stupid things that happen… but by the time you are in need of new shoes, you forget what happened last time and you make the same mistakes again.
For example:

 My new shoes are actually short boots and have these lovely laces. But somehow when I was in the store (they didn’t have my size so I had to order the right size) I thought that there was a zipper at one side so that I could easily take them off and put them back on… WRONG -_- now every time I want to take off my shoes, I have to struggle with these lovely but super annoying laces for over 5 minutes. It’s still okay here in Belgium, but I know that when I’ll be in Korea next year, I’ll be obliged to take off my shoes elegantly every time I enter someone’s house. So I’m pretty sure I will really start to hate these shoes shoes. Every single time I tell myself to buy shoes with a zipper, but every single time I forget… 😦

On top of that, new shoes can become really itchy. You know that feeling when you are sitting in the train and the bottom of your foot is itching so much and there is no other way to fix that problem than untying your whole boot? (Omg, my feet actually started to become itchy while writing about it!). I always wish I have a knitting pin hidden somewhere in my bag

 Another thing that always happens: I’m always so happy to have my 2015-12-01_15.25.49new shoes that I want to wear them immediately. On those days, I tell you, it will rain and my shoes will get wet. It happens to me every time!
*I’m wearing my new shoes (instead of keeping them safely in their box) and I didn’t put any protective spray or wax on them yet and BAM, there I go, both feet in a huge puddle and both feet wet.*

Anyway, I’m still happy I got new shoes because the old ones had holes in them haha and since winter is coming… 😀


13 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Ree says:

    Ugh, it rained last week on the day i put on my new pair of boots haha I love your new ones! Could be annoying but still lovely 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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