Pre-competition: 1 month challenge

529141_201976529917652_1886550588_nHi guys!
In about one month I will participate to the Belgian Championship Synchronized Swimming age group 18+. But let me tell you, I’m totally not ready for it. I have been so busy with university life, exams, coaching my team of 10-year-olds, Korean evening classes etc. that I simply couldn’t find the time and energy to go to the pool. As 1st May is getting closer, I realized I only have a few weeks left to get myself fit again.

So, I made myself a 1-month plan. I present to you… my resolution for April!

  1. Go to every the swimming training every Friday evening to practice the choreography with my duet partner
    ⇒ Adds up to a total of 5
  2. Go to the swimming pool by myself at least twice a week to improve my stamina
    ⇒ Adds up to a total of 10 extra sessions
  3. Follow the Beginner’s 2.0 4-week plan from Blogilates
    ⇒ I’m a really big fan of Cassey’s blog and I love her videos a lot. I decided to just follow her Beginner’s plan this month because I don’t want to place unreasonable demands on my body. Plus, I think it will be the perfect way to complement my workouts in the pool and to strengthen my core!
  4. Drink at least 2l of water per day.
  5. Avoid unhealthy food and make sure I do not skip any meals.
  6. Make sure I keep up with schoolwork at the same time.


Let’s hope everything will work out well ^__^ By sharing this here I’m trying to make sure that I keep my promises haha… Now all there is left to say is… Hwaiting!!!

Lots of Love

8 thoughts on “Pre-competition: 1 month challenge

    • mistonthemeadow says:

      Mmm because those are two parts of Korean couple life that are precious to me 🙂 Wearing couple outfits is such a cute but very ‘asian’ thing… and riding a tricycle along the Han river is connected to some beautiful romantic memories… That’s how my blog started 🙂 dating a Korean gentleman
      Thanks for the interest ^^


  1. ThankKorean says:

    It seems like the level of athlete’s schedule…Is that so tight? Plz take care your body condition always.
    선수 수준의 스케쥴로 보이네요. 너무 빡빡하지 않아요? 항상 몸 건강을 조심하세요~

    Liked by 1 person

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