Post-competition evaluation: success?

13177986_1207325329278627_5832490837199283392_nA few weeks ago I wrote a post about the pre-competition 1 month challenge I set for myself.
Now one month later it is time to reveal the results!

First of all, the main point: I participated to the Belgian championship synchronized swimming (18+) and I didn’t drown! 

Although my technique isn’t what it used to be, I’m still very proud of myself. My duet partner and I worked really hard in those few weeks. Although the difficulty of our routine was lower, we were able to perform it beautifully. Doing this after barely training for 1.5 years is a big accomplishment for me. So when everyone said that we did a great job, I just felt so happy! 😀  Yes, the competition was a success!

I’m also glad that I followed Cassey’s Blogilates Beginners Calender. It helped me to strengthen my core and develop my muscles in a more balanced way.  For those of you who are interested in fitness and pilates or just want to do some exercise and get stronger/slimmer, I really recommend you the calendars from!

Anyway, here is the video from our free duet. I hope you enjoy it! ^^ (available in HD)

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