Korea D-15 : visa, flight ticket, instagram

My Korean adventure is coming closer, which means lots of stress to get everything ready in time.

13987713_10154437070903713_1193991364_oNow, the main things have been taken care of. I’ve got my visa for the first year and I’ve got a flight ticket bringing me from Brussels to Incheon.

I’ve also realised how much I will miss my friends and family in Europe. The fear of being lonely, especially during the first few weeks, suddenly struck me and made me feel a bit insecure. I could have expected it, but being busy as I was, I actually did not give it much thought. However, I am too exited about moving to Korea to be very sad. After all, it isn’t the end of the world.

I also decided to finally get myself an Instagram account! I haven’t completely figured out how it works though 😀 But if I’m not mistaken, you can find me via my profile name misty_eliane.

Lots of love,

Misty (Eliane)

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