JYP parody against domestic violence

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Monday! Here in Belgium, mother nature decided to play around a bit. I’ve seen blue sky, grey clouds, sun, rain and even hail!

Today I wanted to share a wonderful video with you. Most kpop addicts must know JYP’s “Who’s your mama”, right? My apologies to the fans, but I don’t like this song. Now don’t get mad at me, but let me explain first.
I actually love the rythm and the awesome vibe, but I don’t like the lyrics and the music video. I enjoy listening to JYP’s music while working out and “Who’s your mama” has a really great beat and is super catchy.
But seriously… this time it’s just too much. The way the song objectifies women is not okay for me.

BUT… that’s not what this post is about! No, the wonderful video I want to share is not JYP’s music video!

I found a lovely “Who’s your mama” parody and you should really check it out! The lyrics got changed and some sketches were added in order to raise awareness of domestic violence in Korea. As in most countries, this issue is still a bit of a taboo. But government and several NGO’s are trying hard to raise awareness of this problem and establish shelters and group homes for victims.

09_policy_06The government also has emergency hotline centers for women who are victims of violence, including victims of domestic violence. The “1366” hotline offers counselling, protection and emergency services. According to UN Refugee Agency the centers help approximately 160,000 victims of all types of violence per year. The 1366 centers also provide interpretation services in eight languages in addition to Korean and a separate national 1577-1366 hotline that serves migrant women exclusively.

Anyway, press play, watch the parody and support this great initiative!


In the meanwhile, I will do my cardio warm-up and listen to JYP’s rythm without getting annoyed by the lyrics 😉
Lot’s of Love


6 thoughts on “JYP parody against domestic violence

  1. mrrcott says:

    I must say I don’t particularly like JYP as a person. He comes across as arrogant and vain. Just to be clear, his song objectifies women, but it doesn’t sanction violence towards them.

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    • mistonthemeadow says:

      Hey ^^ thank you for the comment… Indeed, JYP’s song doesn’t sanction violence… But I wasn’t talking about his song 🙂 I was talking about the parody I found (cf. video). The makers changed the lyrics and try to promote the 1366 hotline for victims of violence.

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  2. Rosary Natania says:

    I’m not really familiar with any of JYP’s songs, but I’ve recently been getting more and more obsessed with GOT7, which I know is under JYP entertainment and that JYP writes a lot of their songs too, and so far I haven’t really found anything offensive in their songs (but then again my Korean is still very basic and translations are not always accurate). But I guess JYP’s concept might be different to GOT7’s too, I feel like they have more of a cute/sweet vibe.

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  3. mrrcott says:

    I just watched the JYP video that you mentioned and and I have to say I don’t like it all. It’s not a great rhythm and I find the song very irritating. I’m surprised this guy is even popular in Korea

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