Introducing: Geomungo Factory

Hey everyone!!!
Today I want to introduce a great Korean group called Geomungo Factory to all of you. The four members use traditional Korean instruments (geomungo and gayageum) to create amazing contemporary music.

You can find more information about them by clicking the following link:

20131121001485I went to their concert in Brussels and I was simply blown away by their performance! They were so so good! I really couldn’t get enough of it! The sounds Geomungo Factory created that evening were so beautiful and deep and they really touched my heart.

Because the four members all have their own style and they all like different kinds of music, their songs are creative mixes of different musical genres. It was difficult to decide which song to chose for this post, but I think “Fly to the Sky“, “Geomungo&Tango” and “Bluebird” are all so great and can serve as a lovely introduction to these amazing artists.



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