Korea’s Dangerous Car-First Mentality

I found this interesting article about Korea’s car first mentality (which – in my opinion – is completely true). The Urban Observer is critical but proposes solutions at the same time. Worth reading for sure!

The Urban Observer

One of the first things I noticed about Korea was its enormous inner-city streets and aggressive drivers. While the typical avenue in New York City will have about six lanes – these days with one possibly reserved for buses only and another for short-term parking and deliveries- Seoul and its surrounding satellite cities have major arterial roads that surpass ten lanes with two directional traffic. Despite pedestrian lights it makes crossing the street daunting for the most able-bodied humans, let alone the elderly and disabled. Worst of all are the drivers. They not only act like kings of the city, they are treated like royalty as well.

Crosswalks are viewed by Korean drivers as little more than decorative paint on the street. Cars rarely stop or even slow down when they approach one and they certainly don’t yield to pedestrians even if they are halfway through crossing. Most people here…

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