90’s Kpop list 2!

Hello there kpop fans!

A few months ago, Jay and I made a list with our favourite kpop songs from the 90’s!
You can check it here: Our top 90’s kpop songs

Now, here is a second list with really great 90’s kpop. The songs are so lovely and bubbly, I hope you like them! 

1. Two Two (투투) – One and a half (일과 이분의 일)

~ from 1994 ~
Their debut single immediately became a hit and I really understand why.


2. S.E.S. – I love you

~ from 1998 ~
I often sing this one in the shower, the lyrics aren’t too difficult and the melody always makes me happy!


3. Seo Taiji and Boys – I know (Nan Arayo)

~ from 1992 ~
One of the first “modern” Korean boy bands. They really did change the Korean music industry! Love the rapping a lot too 🙂


4. The Classic (더 클래식) – Yeo u ya (여우야)

~ from 1995 ~
Love the vibe of this song. A very nice cover of the song was made in SuperstarK season 3.


5. H.O.T. – Candy (캔디)

~ from 1996 ~
We should definitely not forget this one! Cutie pies ^^ and the dance…

Thanks for stopping by!
Lots of Love


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