KBS World Speech Contest 2015 – Top 20


Hey guys!
Just wanted to share my 2nd video for the KBS World Radio speech contest with you. In my first video I talked about why I study Korean. I got selected, together with 19 other amazing people and we got 1 week to write, prepare and film a speech.
The topic we got was “What Korean culture portrayed via Hallyu contents (film, drama, K-pop etc.) do you most want to experience first-hand?

In the speech I talk about the fact that these days I like watching Korean historical drama’s and that I would like to experience things related to these drama’s. I talk about traditional music and dance and about hanbok.

maxresdefaultAs a bonus, I say that I would also love to visit the filming location of “Il Mare” (aka Siworae 시월애) because it is one of my favourite films. And I also give my congratulations to Super Junior for their 10th birthday as a group. Aaand… that’s about it 😀


Although I didn’t get into the top 10, it was an amazing experience! I’m very thankful that I got this opportunity because I learned so much and I had a lot of fun! Thank you KBS World Radio!! Next year I will definitely try again 😀

Lots of Love



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