Korean: 5 websites that taught me more than 가나다

2015-12-02_15.42.44Hi everybody ❤

Actually I should be reading Richard Sakwa’s book on the crisis of Ukraine and finish my Korean homework now but my concentration is nowhere to be found. I looked under the desk and in my closet but nope… it’s gone. As I’ve been struggling for the past hour with my Korean grammar, I decided to share 5 websites with you that have helped me a lot in the past few years.

Let’s speak Korean on youtube

This series of short video’s is the old version of the program. I honestly think they are better that the later seasons. The little conversations are so awkward but perfect for beginners. The mc and teacher speak clearly and slow. A lot of expressions and grammar is covered, but not a lot of vocabulary.

Zkorean dictionary

Zkorean is the dictionary I most frequently use, when writing a text. Sometimes not every word can be found because it is uncommon, but 99% of the time the dictionary is able to help me. The website also provides information about Hangul and cool study tools.

⊗ How to study Korean

How to study Korean is simply amazing! ❤ There is no other way to say it! After studying Korean for 3 years I finally discovered this website and omg… Everything is explained so well!!! You get loads of important vocabulary with additional sentences for every word you learn. The grammar is explained clearly and thoroughly. It is even possible to buy their short stories in order to practice your language skills while having fun. The lessons on Hanja are also very good and very handy because it’s not easy to find good information written in decent English on Hanja.
I really admire the person who manages the website! Keep up the good work!!!AudioBanner

⊗ King Sejong Institute

This is the website of my Korean school! It is super handy and full of interesting information. We use it often in class to listen to conversations. Plus, the whole website can be accessed in 11 languages! How awesome is that? ^^ And the website doesn’t only talk about language, you can also find a lot about the Korean culture and tradition in general. For the drama fans, take a look at the videos of pit-a-pat that can be found on the website.


⊗ Key To Korean

k2k-logo-500x315I discovered Key to Korean only recently, but I have to say, the website is super good! If you are studying and preparing for one of the TOPIK exams, this website is really helpful! I am planning to take a TOPIK exam in 2016 and I will definitely use the information and exercises provided by Key to Korean. Do you have a lot of free time next month? Then check out their 30 days of Korean challenge! I really think it’s awesome ❤

I would say, check out the websites and have fun exploring them! And as Richard Baxter said: “Study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains are shallow.” Studying a language is like an amazing journey, I think… Sometimes the road seems unclear and long and often you don’t really know where you are going, but I guarantee you… it is worth the effort!


19 thoughts on “Korean: 5 websites that taught me more than 가나다

  1. Alexa Storms says:

    Thank you for this list! I was using “How to Study Korean” before I received my textbooks. I was only in the first half of lesson one, but what they explained made sense and was very helpful!

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  2. kpopaddictv says:

    what is ganada? sorry i am actually learning korean right now and i can read most characters but don’t know what they mean :/

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  3. pennyDoth says:

    Your blog is so CUTE! I’m a bite late lol Also, thanks again for the feedback on one of my posts. Very much appreciated. I will also bookmark this post for sure. I plan to tackle Korean this year and have a basic understanding of hangul, so I’m pretty excited. After studying Japanese for some time I can totally relate to cultural journey. Even saying hello to someone in their native tongue makes their day. And it’s always worth it. ^^ Thanks for putting this list together.

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    • mistonthemeadow says:

      Thank you for the sweet comment! Glad I could help you with it
      Compared to Japanese, learning hangul is really easy 🙂 so I’m sure you will do great! The grammar is the tricky part for me, but… practice makes perfect, right? ^^

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      • pennyDoth says:

        I completely agree! And Hangul really is way easier than Japanese kanji. The day I found out they too have vowels and consonants I was like “For real?!! Get out of here! ” I don’t know if you’ve noticed this at all; maybe I’m wrong lol But the Korean language and culture seem like a hybrid to me. The culture and customs are very much eastern but there’s also something Western about it. The but like just a tinge of Western. Perhaps that’s not so true once I head out of the Seoul dialect and head to the other ones lol ^^

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        • mistonthemeadow says:

          I think parts of Korean culture are heavily influenced by the West (well… by the US actually), but I think in other ways Korea sticks to its traditions… Yet Hangul was invented by Sejong the Great, so it has existed for a long time… so in that way it wasn’t really because of western influence I guess 🙂 I wish you the best of luck with studying Korean 😉 Keep me up to date hehe
          And feel free to ask if you need help with anything ^^

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  4. pennyDoth says:

    Thank you so much! I’ll do that. Sejong the Great, huh? That’s so fascinating. If I were a linguistics master, I feel like studying him along with the origin of the English alphabet would be a great focus. 😆😊

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