Blogger Recognition Award

Hey everybody!

So, my supersweet first follower Alexa nominated me for the blogger recognition award.
Thanks a lot Alexa~ It made me really happy ♡ This is her blog: The Princess Life

Anyway, these were the rules I got.

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. (Check)
Choose other blogs you would like to nominate. You cannot nominate yourself, or the person who nominated you. (I’ll do that at the end)
Write a post to show your award. (Here it is)
Give a story of how your blog started. (Below)
Share some advice to new bloggers. (Below again)


So I will briefly tell you all a bit about how this blog started.

Ever since I was a child I really loved reading and writing. I wrote poems and short stories and I even made an attempt to write a fantasy book together with one of my friends. Most of the post on my blog wee originally notes or thoughts scribbled down in my notebook, poems that I wrote down on my laptop or in my poetry booklet or posts I shared with my friends on facebook.

The idea of starting a real blog came into existence in 2014 after a lovely surprise visit to my boyfriend in Korea. We did so many cheesy things in those 4 weeks including buying couple tee’s and riding a tricycle at the Han river. I wanted to share my story and my experiences so I started the first “Couple tee and Tricycle”. It didn’t work out well. The blog site didn’t have many visitors and as literally no one was reading anything at all, I lost my motivation. It doesn’t really matter to me whether or not I have many followers, but I just wanted some interaction with other bloggers and feel like I’m part of a community.

So in the end I deleted my old blog and discovered wordpress. So here we are, “Couple tee and Tricycle” bis. And I am totally loving it! It feel so good to be writing things on a regular basis and to read the posts of all the amazing bloggers I got to know.


If I should give some advice to other bloggers, it would be… hmm… just write about the things you are interested in. And write in a way that makes you happy. 😀 Also try to read other blogs (and use tags to find people with similar interests) because in my case, I read so many posts that inspired me and that taught me a lot.


Okidoki… as for my own nominations:

Chili Sarang

Thoughts of Sheryl

My totally adverage teenage life

Lots of Love



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