Our top 90’s kpop songs.

So, last week Jay and I selected our top 90’s South Korean pop songs for you! Actually I’m no longer able to follow the recent trends, there are simply too many artists… There are tons of groups debuting and having come-backs and with all the stuff I have to do for school, my head is just… uhh full… 😀 So instead I want to introduce some older songs to you ^_^

We like every song a lot and as our preferences often depend on our mood, I decided to put them in a random order…

Let me know what you think of it! And please also tell me your favourite old kpop song!
Anyway, here we go~

  1. Maronnier (마로니에) with Cocktail Love

    Love the reggae feeling hehe. Listening to this just makes me happy and bubbly… Ain’t I lucky to be born in the year this album was published!

  2. Turbo with Twist King 

    Turbo swept all the charts when Twist King came out in 1996 and I understand why

  3. JYP with She was pretty (그녀는 너무 예뻤다) 

    Yes we all know JYP, head of JYP Entertainment (duh), home of 2AM/PM, Miss A, Wonder Girls and many other talented artists. But did you know this song? I think it’s extremely catchy and the lyrics aren’t that difficult.

  4. Lee Junghyun (이정현) with Come (와)

    1999 brough 와 (Wa/Come) to us and although at first I thought “what the….”, I totally fell in love with Junghyuns crazy costumes and the “ah ah ahah ooooh 이별 보단 덜 아플 테니까”

  5. Sechs Kies (젝스키스) with Chivalry (기사도)

    기사도 or Chivalry was the title track of Sechs Kies’ second album and it was one of Jay’s favourite songs when he was in primary school b(^_^)d

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back soon with a second list! 😉
If you like kpop, I strongly suggest you to listen to some older songs, because these artists were the idols of the currenly debuting groups. ^^ On top of that, the songs are just awesome!

Lots of Love


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