Biking @ Han River

A lovely activity to do as a couple, with some friends or just alone – enjoy the view, get some fresh air and stay healthy!

The Han River (Or Han Gang) has a very special meaning to Koreans. Before flowing into the Yellow Sea, it crosses the whole country and is therefore one of the most important rivers of the peninsula.

If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent one (or a tricycle!) at many places throughout the city. Alhough it’s a bit crowded during summer, I really like the area around Yeoido Park. On Friday and Saturday evening there are usually a lot of students playing music or showing off other talents, but unlike neighborhoods like Hongdae, it’s not ONLY young people. You can see families in their little tents, kids playing in the water, old people taking a stroll… Anyway, I really like the atmosphere.
You can either rent bikes along the river there, or rent them in Yeoido park (a bit further). Below you can find more info on how to get there.

Let me know what you think about it! Do you like that area of the Han river? Or do you think Yeoido Park is too crowded?


Take subway line nr. 5 (purple line) and get of at 여의나루역 (Yeoinaru station). By the way, did you know that this station, with its depth of more that 27 meters below sea level, is the lowest subway station in Korea?

Go via exit nr. 2 , go straight, try to avoid all the ajumma’s who will try to give you information about chicken and pizza and go down the stairs on your right. Just walk in the same direction for a few minutes (that means that after taking the stairs down, you need to turn left) and you will find some places where you can rent all kinds of non-automatic vehicles 😉 You pay per hour or 30 minutes and they will probably ask you to give them either your ID or passport (or something similar) as a deposit.
Or if you want to go to Youido Park (very pretty!), take exit nr. 1 and go straight. You will be walking on the other side of the previous course. Walk for a few minutes and search for the place that rents out bicycles.

I’ll share a little poem with you called 渡漢江 Crossing the Han River, written by a Tang-dynasty poet called Li Pin.

嶺外音書絕, Away from home, I was longing for news
經冬復立春。 Winter after winter, spring after spring.
近鄉情更怯, Now, nearing my village, meeting people,
不敢問來人。 I dare not ask a single question.

(Translation: Witter Bynner)

PS: it’s the perfect place for a picnic, so pack some food and bring a little blanket or order chicken (the ajumma’s will give you plenty of options!).



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