Couple “Tee”

Hey everyone!

So, today I want to talk about a very important aspect of the Korean dating world.
And that is… *dum-dum-dumm*

Couple T-shirts (or shoes or trousers or caps or socks or….)

I talked about this with many of my international friends and especially in the West, couple outfits are not a common phenomenon. If Jay and I would go on a date in Brussels wearing our couple t-shirts, people would probably look at us like we’re crazy. Wearing couple outfits is regarded way too cheesy and that’s a bit sad, because honestly… It’s awesome!

In Korea I’ve seen so many people wearing matching outfits and they always look so cute! While hiking in Korea I even saw grandpa’s and grandma’s wearing couple jackets and couple hiking shoes. It was just adorable. ^^

Korean stores often sell couple outfits. They often come with cute designs that fit together.  The following example comes from, one of my favourite online shopping websites. The brand is ONOZA (just making sure no one can say my references are not good enough ㅋㅋㅋ)


If this is really too cheesy for you, don’t worry because there are more than enough cooler options. Stores also often sell clothes that are “unisex”. 🙂

I asked two friends if they had any pictures with their partner wearing couple outfits and this was the result ( + some of my own pics)

image_05       image_12[1]

image_15[1]       image_16[1]


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