KBS Radio Speech contest 2015: why I study Korean

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to share with your my entry for the KBS Radio Speech contest of this summer (2015). Officially called “The 2nd KBS WORLD Radio Korean Language Video Contest – Speak Korean, Talk to the World”. The topic of the speech was “the reason I study Korean”.

There are actually quite a few reasons.
First of all, I really like Korean traditional music. While I was in Korea I had the opportunity to take some music classes and I learned how to play Janggu. It’s a beautiful hourglass-shaped two-headed Korean traditional drum and although my little pinky was hurting quite a lot after a few hours, playing the Janggu was awesome. On top of that, I also really love pansori. And oh my, Ahn Suk seon is my hero πŸ˜€ She truly is the primadonna of pansori!! Β I also enjoy listening toΒ k-pop of course. Besides Super Junior, I’m not really a huge fan of anyone. I just like many many different songs, many different artists and many different styles.

Secondly, as I’m a person who enjoys good cuisine, Korean food really gets me on cloud nine. Although I’m a kimchi and samgyeopsal addict, there is seriously nothing in this world that can make me feel better that my mother-in-law’s bulgogi. I often try to make my own Korean food and luckily I succeed most of the time. Kimchi stew and army stew, Japchae and Pajeon, Dakjjim and kimbab. Only my kimchi went horribly wrong every time γ… γ… 


The third reason is that I love Korean poetry. I’m especially a big fan of Yun Dong-ju. “Prologue μ„œμ‹œ” is one of my favourite poems. I’ll share it with you later ^^

Anyway, the speech contest really was a fun experience and I learned so much! I made the video with the help of my sister and we really enjoyed all the filming.
So if you are studying Korean, you should definitely participate next year as well!!!


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